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Simple Buying

Apple in-app purchases make buying Seussibles! absolutely seamless. No complicated wallet setup. No transaction fees.

On you’ll be able to buy your Seussibles! with your credit card or cryptocurrency.

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Barter Trading

Packs sold out? Didn’t pull the special sticker you wanted? Not to worry! Swap your dupes for the stuff you need using the most intuitive and fun trading experience you’ll find anywhere.

  • Initiate trades with friends (and make new ones!) to build out your collection.
  • Create your own trade posts that show what you’re looking for, and what you’re happy to trade away.
  • Search through community posts for real time trading floor action.
  • Transfer items on the blockchain quickly and seamlessly.
  • Start chats to unleash your inner negotiator and complete those sets!

Showcase, Organize and Share

They’re YOUR Seussibles!

  • Showcase your favorites, rares, or low mints on your Wall.
  • Organize them in our custom Stacks.
  • Export your faves as profile pics, wallpaper, and for all your socials—share them with the world!


Join the conversation and connect!

  • Bring your thoughts, opinions, rants and raves to like-minded people in our forums and chats!
  • Give gifts to fellow collectors!
  • Brag about your best stuff, or just drop us a line to tell us how we’re doing.
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NFT Metadata

All the critical information about your Seussibles! NFT collectibles is at your fingertips. Cards swipe up to reveal:

  • Mint, ID, Edition, and Series information
  • Creation and Acquisition dates
  • Ownership History
  • And more!

From Cat in the Hat, to the Grinch, all your beloved characters

Featuring Collectibles from these Classics & Others!

The Cat in the Hat Book Green Eggs and Ham Book The Lorax Book How the Grinch Stole Christmas Book Fox in Socks Book Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? Book The Cat in the Hat Comes Back Book Horton Hears a Who! Book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Book Hop on Pop Book

What our Community thinks!

“Seussibes Evergreen Book Ch1 & Ch2 completed! 📚 💪 love everything about it so far. Trading witin the app is amazing and the purchasing packs is flawless. Very excited for the future!”


“Just finsihed listening to the @tiblesHQ office hours about Seussibles. Great team, great vision about collecting, and I see so many ways that this NFT move beyond cyber land and benefit children all over the world.”

-Non-Fungible Chops

“Dr. Seuss Chapter 1 comlete. Huge fan and I might just be a tad addicted 😬 🙄 great job”

-Steve - LIB

“Two innovative new companies, @dapperlabs and @TiblesHQ partnering with @DrSeuss, one of the most iconic brands of my generation. No brainer purchase. 🧠”

-Rusty Bill

“It’s too addicting and too easy to keep buying 🥲”

-Rusty Bill

“Rocking and rolling. Love this platform already... the seamlessness of the pack purchase and UI is just gorgeous."

-Seussibles! Collector

"The interface is very smooth and amazing and the pictures and trading platform is awesome"

-Seussibles! Collector

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